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Oceanfront Real Estate for Sale in Fernandina Beach, FL

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Oceanfront Real Estate for Sale in Fernandina Beach, FLThe resort community of Fernandina Beach, FL, located on Amelia Island, is a great place to visit. However, many find this area so charming that they want to move here. If you also have fallen under this island’s spell, I can help you find oceanfront real estate fernandina beach fl and in the small town of Verdana Beach.

Comfortable Luxury

On Amelia Island, in the lush town of Fernandina Beach, your day begins with the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean, shedding light on glorious trees and pristine beaches. As your day wears on, you can enjoy a round of golf, outdoor activities, plenty of shopping, comfortable restaurants serving delicious, healthy food, and visits with friendly neighbors. In the evening, the sun sets over the Amelia River, beckoning you to savor the warm night air.

Whether you are interested in golf course homes, gated communities, or oceanfront property, I can guide you to Oceanfront Real Estate for Sale fernandina beach fl and to many other lavish properties on this dreamy island, with the south end holding the resorts zip code of 32034.

Oceanfront Real Estate for Sale in Fernandina Beach, FL

Located just off Florida’s northeast coast, Amelia Island is rich with large populations of native wildlife and boasts 13 miles of dreamy beaches. This cherished barrier island has several communities, one of which is Fernandina Beach.

This well-appointed community has a reputation for excellent golfing, and its historic downtown area is home to sumptuous boutiques and comfortable restaurants. If your dream is to live on a golf course in this quaint, beautiful community, I can make that dream into reality. I also list oceanfront real estate fernandina beach fl that will feel like home.

Fun in Fernandina Beach

There is entertainment for all ages in Fernandina Beach, making it a much-loved destination for generations.

  • Amelia River cruises
  • Amelia Island Museum of History
  • Hang gliding
  • Maritime Museum of Amelia Island
  • Kayaking
  • Skydiving
  • Exploring (light house, beach walks, state park)
  • Golfing

Finding Oceanfront Real Estate for Sale fernandina beach fl means you never have to leave this idyllic spot and can savor its natural beauty and opulent lifestyle year-round.

High Quality of Life

Fernandina Beach offers more than just comfort and luxury. It offers safe living and easy commutes to large cities. It is easy to live in this bustling community and work elsewhere. Schools are highly rated, and the housing market is booming beautifully.

Move Here for Good

On the coast, here on Amelia Island, the living is easy. Whether you want a home on a golf course, the ocean, or in a comfortable gated area, you can have it all. For more information, call me at 904-753-6500, or use my online form.

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