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Beautiful Amelia Island!! 

Amelia Island is a morning horseback ride along the Atlantic shoreline, or golfing at one of Florida's most challenging courses. It is tennis by day or night, and a relaxing afternoon at an Oceanside pool. It is exquisite dining at a fabulous five-diamond hotel. It is golden sea oats growing wild along the rolling sand dunes, and the breathtaking beauty of a sunrise at the sea. It is a soft ocean breeze through a lush canopy of trees, or a day experiencing the charm of the old-town Victorian village of Fernadina Beach.

Centre Street - Historic District
Centre Street - Historic District

The pristine quality of Amelia Island that lured the Timucan Indians to its shores has miraculously survived more than four hundred years of invasions, wars, and in recent times, development. From the mid-16th century until the end of the 19th century, Europeans, Americans and pirates from the high seas raised a total eight flags over the island. In the 20th century, industry and real estate developers have appeared on the scene, yet the island's sparkling white sands, green sea marshes and sweet-smelling forests remain relatively undisturbed.

Birds on beachBesides its pleasant warmth, Amelia Island boasts some of the region's finest sand beaches. Originating if the eroding Appalachian Mountains and traveling southward along the coast, the quartz sands are washed by the sea on the island's beaches. The easterly breezes then blow them inland, along with seeds and plant life that take root and enrich the sand. Eventually the vegetation becomes dense and varied enough to hold the soil and form a line of sand dunes.

Downtown Fernadina Beach
Downtown Fernadina Beach

The town of Fernadina Beach covers seven square miles, and it is more than a fifty block historic district. It has imposing Victoria mansions, a quaint seaport and handsome public and commercial buildings.

Picturesque Fairways
Picturesque fairways stretch from the ocean to the salt marshes.

Amelia Island is earning a reputation as one of the nation's best vacation destinations because of the remarkable sports facilities. Huge oak trees surround state-of-the-art tennis courts. Glorious beaches provide endless hours of fun for surfers, joggers and equestrians, while the waters of the Atlantic Ocean attract fishermen and divers.

Captivating antique shops
Captivating antique shops

Whether you are looking for an elegant 19th century Georgian dressing table from elaborately carved mahogany, a piece of depression era glassware to add to your collection or a grand gilded mirror that will dominate the décor of any room in your home, Amelia Island's antique shops will captivate you.

Oceanfront condominiumsSummer Beach is ten communities in one, offering you the opportunity to choose from a two-bedroom oceanfront condominium, a luxurious four-bedroom penthouse or a single family home on or close to the golf course - and only a short walk to the dune-lined beach. It is just a thirty minute drive from Jacksonville.

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Rolling Fairways

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Marcy Mock
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